Adolf Eichmann's daughter-in-law said Jews are victimizing themselves over the Holocaust

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  • Two days ago Clarín published this articleon what happened with Eichmann's family after he was deported and executed in Israel. Many descendants of nazi exponents are still living in Argentina, some under fake names and in the hide, some in plain light. So does Adolf Eichmann's DIL which accepted to speak with reporters and said that the Holocaust was exaggerated by Jews.

    I have always heard that Perón was an accomplish in bringing here the Nazis, which opens another great mystery on how so many people in Argentina are still fond of Peronism despite this and other nefarious things it was proven they did - the pero-nazi just being one of them - and that aren't any lighter than the accusation made on the Macri family.

    “No fueron tantos (los muertos del Holocausto) como dicen, porque el mundo entero conoce la versión de los judíos y no la de los alemanes... todos fueron perseguidos y eliminados”, explicó preguntada por el genocidio.

  • I wonder how she similarly denies her father-in-law’s leadership in planning and executing the deadly and macabre “final solution “ of the nazis?

    We were recently part of a conversation about Germany’s law prohibiting people from denying the holocaust. This woman’s contention makes the case for such a law.

  • Just last week, in Italy some people showed up with a t-shirt reading Auschwitzland and a Disneyland-like logo to pay their honors to Mussolini's grave. Apparently, it is sold online.

    When I was at the university, I met a guy who was strongly convinced that Holocaust never existed and that it was all made up by the Jews.


  • Unfortunately, recent political rhetoric has had the goal of discrediting legitimate news stories, conscientious reporting and even historical facts.

    Sadly, there is no known cure for willful ignorance, especially when it is fueled by hatred.

  • And I don’t think laws are the answer. These things are a function of the culture.

    The law is useful only inasmuch as it shows the way the winds are blowing.

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  • You are right: laws can’t be the answer. Impossible to legislate morals, ethics, conscience, tolerance.

    Still, it must be incumbent on all of us to do what we can to positively influence a culture that accepts bigotry and promotes hatred.