So why DO the Spanish live so long?

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  • When I lived in Spain I always got the impression that they never rushed anything. Ships open early and close from 1300 to 1700 (lunch and then siesta) with wine, beer and brandy being consumed at any moment between 0700 to whenever.

    On many occasions when I had a small business in a Spanish marina, the local bosses, police and others would enjoy a three course breakfast in the dockside cafeteria at 0900 with bottles of Rioja and coffee and brandy to finish.

    I used to observe whilst stirring my cafe con leche and once asked them if it wasn't a little early to be imbibing, a dumb question as far as they ere concerned and the reply was something like "This is Spain."

    Tal cual.

    Anyway, I have never seen this in Argentina and I don't think I ever will.