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  • Hi. I was directed here by a friend who advised me this might be the best place to get help. I have tried unsuccessfully to send two inexpensive but important items to two different addresses in Buenos Aires on two different occasions. They were sent by tracked and signed through Royal Mail. All four envelopes have been held by customs and I now know they almost certainly won't arrive after reading about other peoples experiences. I refuse to beaten however and was wondering if there was any way I could get them to where they're going? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. John

  • Hi johncannon ,

    unfortunately the mail system here is unpredictable and they tend to block parcels and letters for ransom import duties.

    What was in these envelopes? If they are slim, paper-only envelopes, they usually get through.

    If they were tracked, you can see where there are here:

    This is the link for letters with an international departure and an Argentinian destination.

    It may be that they have been assigned a local tracking number when they reached Argentina. In which case, in my experience I got a telegram in the mail where I was told the new, local tracking number. I am not sure if you are provided it online.

    Did your recipient receive any sort of telegram/paper slip/communication by Correo Argentino or Aduana saying there was incoming stuff under their name? Is your recipient a tourist here or has he/she all the jazz needed to pay duties and release your parcel/letter? Namely, this would be a clave fiscal de nivel 3 by AFIP which is used to access AFIP system and provide a sworn declaration of the parcel content.

    However, when I wasn't yet a resident here, I was able to collect my letters anyway, I just had to stand in line for 4 hours at the Aduana in Retiro.

  • Hello johncannon and welcome!

    I assume you've used the tracking numbers online to find out where they are or you wouldn't be posting here.

    Thinking out loud, I'm wondering if there's a way that one of us could intervene personally? I understand that people are still collecting stuff from Correo Argentino at Retiro and in order to get the parcel one needs documentary proof.

    Have the recipients reported back to you? It's possible that they may need to complete some online sworn declarations with AFIP the local inland revenue service.

    When did you send them?

    A little more information (without personal details of course) would be useful as I'm pretty good at tracking stuff down.

  • Thank you so much for responses. I have attached a screenshot from the last one sent. Both were sent on the 16th September by Royal Mail track and sign. They were in flat brown Jiffy envelopes approx a4 size. They both contained identical dog tags that were won in a Battlefield video game competition. Along with a ball chain necklace. Neither recipient has heard anything from the relevant authorities to date. Both have tried to contact customs but have had no response. They are both Argentinian nationals and live in Buenos Aires. They are two of the nicest people I've ever met online and were so excited to receive their tags, which is why I came looking for help. Even if it turns out to be fruitless, I'd rather have tried and failed. Thank you once again🙏


    I just went to Correo Argentino Track and Trace and they are showing up using the GB Royal mail tracking numbers with the message that the delivery hasn't yet been approved because a payment hasn't been made to AFIP. The goods are in customs right now.

    I would suggest the recipients claim the goods individually and complete the process with AFIP online. Being Argentines they will be well aware of this tiresome and ball breaking process.

    What nominal value did you put on the goods johncannon ? This is important since there is an allowance and they may not have to pay anything.

  • You guys are legends. I've passed on that info. Dani is receiving hers next week after chatting with a "helpful" lady. Apparently they were still expecting a telegram to tell them they had to pay money to pick them up. They were too shy to say anything to me. They're only worth about 10 pound. One of them is not very wealthy and was probably worried about telling me. You've been so awesome. And thank you for being delicate about details. Honestly. Thank you x

  • You are welcome! Mailing here works very different from abroad and it is hard to explain to foreigners.

    I had to pay to receive my credit card from my bank, and they even used DHL! :cursing:

  • That's incredible serafina

    What did you have to pay and for what?

    The plastic card value, I guess.

    This was in 2016:

    1st shipping attempt, Italy to Argentina, by courier, October 3, 2016:

    2nd attempt to get my bank card (card had to be reissued for 15 euros, by the way!) and my criminal record emailed (had to be reissued for 15 euros, as well) November 11, 2016:

    Quote from serafina
    1. I had my mother mail me another CR through the Postal Service. It arrived in 9 days. However, the postman left no notice, but luckily I had the tracking number and I was able to know my letter was sitting at the nearest Correo office. I went there with a printout of the tracking history and I was given my letter.2. I had my Italian bank mail me a new credit card abroad. It arrived with DHL. I missed the delivery. I went to pick it up in San Telmo (only pick-up point for the whole CABA+GBA in Av. Belgrano 470) and I was charged 376 pesos for a stupid letter with a stupid card. Apparently, the card declared value was 1.76 USD and labelled as "sample card" (since it was not activated), on top of that Aduana added USD 20 for "handling", plus taxes etc.