The body of a little girl sparks violence against the police

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  • Yesterday the body of a ten year old girl, Sheila was discovered in a plastic bag in San Miguel and the locals went ballistic, throwing stones and attacking the police, some of whom had to withdraw from the area.

    It transpires today that the main suspects are her aunt and aunt's husband (not the uncle who was temporarily detained due to his distraught condition) who confessed to having been on drugs and alcohol the night before and don't know what happened. They can't remember, they said.

    But my question is, is right to attack the police in this way, who do an unenviable job in these very poor areas?

    Should the police be blamed for the little girl's death?…o-sheila_0_-D4HRdUdL.html

  • When I read this news, I was shocked.

    Why? Because I couldn't wrap my head around such a piece of news. Who lives like that? Who acts like that? Who reacts like that?

    The little kid disappeared, so I suppose her parents gave the alarm. A reward of 500k pesos was posted for those who provided useful information on the whereabouts of the kid.

    It turns out that her uncle and aunt, who are 24 years old, killed her while on drugs. They are trying to determine whether there has been any violence against the poor kid before they threw her from the window and hide the body.

    To add up, the aunt is 9 month pregnant... and she was doing drugs!!

    And the people beat the police... WTF?!

    Shouldn't they have been trying to lynch those two monsters?! What has the police to do with it?

    These are ANIMALS. I have no pity for these people, I do not call this s history of poverty and a destiny marked... One can be poor but walk with their head straight and behave and act correctly, at the best of their ability.

  • Sounds like what is happening in the USA as of late, everyone gets blamed except the one,s who commit the crime. The police are caught in the middle. No one wants to be responsible for their own actions, poor or rich.

  • It looks like the aunt of the kid was on public television announcing she would kill who did took away her little niece.

    After she was arrested and confessed, she said she didn't remember killing her because of the drugs.

    How do you confess something you don't remember?