Air conditioned unit with inverter - Suggestions?

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  • We have two small A/C upstairs in our current place, of the cheapest kind available. Unfortunately we do not have the original remotes, and it looks like they are not that good anyway (they are pretty beaten up by previous guests).

    I am bothered by the one in the bedroom because it is impossible to stop the flap so that the cold air flow won't hit us directly while we sleep, and because since it is a older model, it simply spits very cold air, then stops when it reaches the temperature, and gets back on when the temperature rises again. I was told that inverter A/C, albeit more expensive, have better performances and a smoother functioning.

    Do you have any experience with this and what brand would you recommend in Argentina?

    Since my older unit is still working, do I have any chance to sell it?

  • After our apt mgr told us that our 2nd tv no longer worked, we asked if we could get it out of the way by putting it in the back stairs alcove used only by us, until a decision was made about possible disposal. But no. Because “someone might steal it.”

    So I’d say you could certainly sell your spitting air conditioner.