Bill and Melinda Gates have been bailed out, just in time.

  • Our crops are saved! Just had a personal email from my new BFF, Melinda Gates. I must say I’m surprised that her grammar and spelling are so lacking, but this is probably just because she is so overwhelmed with joy at recovering her investment. I will quickly share her good news with you all before I rush off to plead with Deputy Chairman Mallam Mohammed Abdulahi.

    Iam Mrs MELINDA GATES I live in # 801 Hanna Drive, American Canyon

    CA 94503. 20580 Eighth Street East Sonoma, California 95476. Tel.707.939.3100 You may not know how happy and Glad iam Today, Having
    Returned back from my trip in Africa , Cote de voire and Nigeria couple of Nights ago,

    I want to release a secret to you as I met with The President Of cote de voire who directed me to the African debt Reconciliation panel and Minister
    of finance in Nigeria over my long overdue payment, I am the happiest woman on earth, Having collected my funds to the tune of
    $24.Million US Dollars with interest,

    I have bought my stocks now and now settling my old debts, She directed me to help launder the image of Africa,that has been battered by group/individual scammers all over Africa, since they are now transparent and paying foreign beneficiaries,

    I just want to let you know that i saw your name and email ads over there and it seems you are hesitant to come forward for your money,

    You may lose this big amount unless you plead with Mallam Mohammed Abdulahi a Muslim and A good man, if not they will Suspend your
    payment now,

    I was doubtful of this payment arrangement having been scammed severally in cote devoire

    infact they told me that the payment will be paid through ATM Master card also promise to wire into my account in the United states, But i decided to give them a surprise visit last
    week and confirmed now that it was real, I now have my money into my Bank of America account,

    You should contact the Africa Debt Reconciliation panel Mallam
    Abdulahi Mohammed
    Deputy Chairman:
    for the immediate release of
    your payment and accrued interest sum of $250,000, which they must pay to you
    first before the principal sum,so that you will be happy like iam, I paid to cote devoire
    fraudsters over $145,870 dollars, Now i have received the Contract sum i executed over 5 years ago., i have another 6 names from Spain,
    Pueto Rico and so on i will also write to them so that you guys can go for your money, I paid the sum of $2355,00 only,

    Be wise my dear,


    MRS Melinda Gates

    801 Hanna Drive, American Canyon CA 94503