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  • Apple doing stuff for free? Pfft.

    By the way, anyone using Amazon Prime in Argentina? I'm curious because there#s some pretty good content I'd like to see, the only problem being that unless you actually sign up, you can't browse the local content to see if in fact you can watch it.

    I have yet to find a Prime Arg schedule is what I really mean.

  • I am using Amazon Prime, but it is slow to load up on my Apple TV compared to Netflix.

    I think you can get a 30-day free trial, anyway.

    The content is not much different than Netflix in terms of quality movies and TV shows. It is also harder to browse.

    What I do is browsing the catalogue from my computer and then look for it from my Apple TV (or add it to my watchlist). I think the software itself needs to be redesigned, as it won't show the last content I watched, nor the recommendations based on my previous watchings, and only a limited selection of titles on the Apple TV, whereas there is much more content available.

    I also think that it is quite messy to browse the catalogue on their website, as some content is included with Prime and some is paid content. You can filter to show only free content included with your Prime subscription, but further filtering and navigation remove the 'free' filter. I must admit that I gave up Amazon Prime pretty quickly because of that: hard to navigate!

    If your family in the UK is subscribed, you can ask them to share their login credentials with you. I share my Netflix with my mother in Italy and she shares her Amazon Prime with me in Argentina.

  • I still check it out now and then. I have watched The good doctor and This is us.
    However, since Amazon Prime is a bundle where you have free next day delivery of amazon products plus their movie offering, it makes sense only if you live in a country where you can benefit both. I don’t see myself paying for Amazon Prime in Argentina since I could access only to their scarce Movie catalogue.
    My mother is a heavy Amazon user and she buys lots of stuff from Amazon, so it makes sense for her to subscribe to Prime.

    She also says that it is hard to navigate and she was the one who taught me to browse from my computer instead from my TV.

    I believe you can login to your amazon account and filter tv/movie contents included with amazon prime.

    The paid content is not that cheap. Cheaper than going to the cinema but not cheaper than renting a DVD

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  • My daughter lives on Amazon and does all her shopping online, rarely even going to the supermarket or shops, so when were over in the UK, I'd ask her to order stuff for me (because she loves it) on her iPhone X and I'd give her the cash. Besides, we only have Arg cards and with the latest fiasco, those were out of the question.

    When you sign up for the free trial I believe you have to give card details, but I'm assuming that if you don't go for paid content they don't actually take anything during the trial period?

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  • Since it is produced by Amazon, it is available also here and included with Prime.

    As for the credit card, usually they ask for your card details but you will be charged only once the paid period starts. However, I have no direct experience with Amazon Prime since my mom pays for that.

    Also, whenever I have to shop for something on Amazon, I add it to my wishlist which I then share privately with my mom, who purchases the items for me. Of course my shipping address is her place in Italy.

    On a side note about Amazon, I noticed that some Italian books are not available as ebooks on amazon.it but they are on amazon.com, so I switch my account to the American store to be able to buy Italian ebooks.

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