Best ever performance at Ezeiza

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  • Just back in town after two weeks in France & Spain

    Bloody tough work - almost had a heart attack at beer prices in Cannes ( 8 euros a pint)

    Arrived at EZE at 19.40 , deplaned at 19.45 and out of the door to see wife and GJ Jr at 20.14 . Its the best I have done in 20 years ( 9 visiting and 11 residing)

    Sailed through immigration - less people as the Argie nationals can use the automatic stations.

    The bags were first out !

    Customs no one there - my lane was staffed by a couple of very smart young customs officials who were actually looking at the screen .

    UK passport in hand , I bid them "Good evening gentlemen!" and they responded likewise in acceptable English.

    No electronics to declare and I had hidden some questionable foodstuffs ( 4 packs of jamon serrano de bellota ) in my business papers.

    The only downer was traffic jams all the way back to Pilar/Escobar

  • Sailed through immigration - less people as the Argie nationals can use the automatic stations.

    Please explain this. We are traveling in December and we both have Argentinian citizenship. Is it like herding the cattle of poor Argentinian nationals for AFIP to take advantage of them?

  • Phew! I thought we had an exclusive scanning line.

    I am referering to Immigration - Argentine nationals have automatic scanning unless they are under 18.

    Customs is a separate thing . As far as I can see everyone is scanned but they pay more attention to Argentines.

    Might be time to speak Italian and have your Italian passport in your hand.

    This is technically illegal of course , so I am not really recommending this......

  • I’d give anything to be able to fly in through Aeroparque! Even tried flying through Rio a couple of years ago on GOL, but the flight went through EZE.

    Once we even had to come into EZE on a flight from Bariloche because of a strike. Bad timing on our part.

  • We’ve used the scanning method in New York and Atlanta, and appreciate the speeded-up process. But perhaps even better is the advantage at EZE, where we can’t use the scanner, but as GlasgowJohn pointed out, the big crowds scan, leaving the immigration lines shorter for us.


  • I had used the scanning method in London, as well. I can't remember in which airport that was, maybe in Luton.

    Do you have them also in the States?

    Yes. The first time we used one was in 2015 at NYC’s Kennedy Airport. In 2016, Atlanta started using scanners, so I’m sure Miami, Dallas, LA etc are all using them.