An Argentine wedding

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  • On Saturday we went to the wedding of a friend/client of Adri's at Open Door near Pilar and lavish doesn't really describe the event.

    The couple had previously been married in a register office (the legal stuff) and then again in a church a couple of weeks ago and Saturday's event was set in a small chapel in the grounds of a huge estancia, outdoors and in a beautiful avenue of eucalyptus trees. It was quiet a long blessing service (over an hour) with the priest putting them through a public Q&A about why they were getting married and I for one was glad when we could all move on to the fun and games.

    We then ambled across the huge gardens of cedar and eucalyptus trees to a huge low building with a massive terrace, where we were served fillet steak sandwiches, mini empanadas and other delicacies. I was the first to notice the parrilla to the side, which before long filled up with bite sized pieces of molleja, salchichas, kidney and matambre, which soon became the most popular spot at the event. An Argentine wedding without grilled meat? Don't think so.

    Inside the venue, tables, chairs and sofas were laid out for the evening's festivities as opposed to the traditional way of everyone seated at tables (the Brit way) and of course, there were no speeches as we went straight to the music and strobe lights.

    I liked the formal/informal feel to the wedding and not being stuck on a table with people we didn't know and being able to wander around picking at food and getting a refill at one of the three bars. Also, I couldn't help asking myself 'Crisis? What crisis?'

    All in all a delightful evening.

  • Every Saturday night, we see brides and grooms with their entourages pouring out the doors of the church in the plaza below, and yearn for Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility so we could see what an Argentine wedding reception is like!

    The reception you described sounds divine! Not just the setting and food, but the freedom to wander around, cocktail party style, rather than being forced to spend the evening cruise ship style, locked in forced conversation with a table full of people you will never see again.

    Thanks for a glimpse into a fun event!