Argentina shopping: Papas negras = papas blancas

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  • We are surprised by the relative scarcity of potatoes, which usually are so abundant this time of year.

    In any case, Vladimir Putin himself has stepped up to erase the difference between papas negras and papas blancas. Please just be sure to buy a new brush —

  • Once one verdulero claimed the same thing as in this video.

    But my husband was told by another verdulero that black potatoes are cultivated in humid soil whereas white one in sandy soil.

    If I am given the choice, for the price difference I'd rather buy white potatoes and spare me the task of cleaning them (potentially clogging the sink). Black potatoes are dirtier and cheaper, but the dirty weighs in as well. ;)

    To me, they all taste the same.

  • I feel the same. The time and mess are bad enough; the thought of a clogged drain is ‘way too much!

    Still, I would enjoy seeing someone do that YouTube potato peeling.

  • I guess it is to either remove dirt or the hard sprouts.

    And to make them, I cut them and wash them repeatedly to remove starch. They end up being crispy baked and easier to digest.

  • I’ve never tried that, serafina , but will do it.

    We like potato skins, too, although some years ago in Auckland, we met a research scientist whose field was potatoes, and she convinced us that all the toxins in the soil concentrated themselves in the skins of potatoes. We went years without eating the skins, then decided that life was too short.