Kirchner family to go on trial for corruption

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  • CFK and her children Florencia and Maximo will stand trial (juico oral) for corruption in the Los Sauces hotel case, where it's alleged that the hotel was used as a front for money laundering public funds. Florencia could be detained but the other two have immunity, so quite how they're going to go trial, I'm not sure. For that to happen they'd need their immunity stripped away and that in itself is a major political hurdle.

    It's also been revealed that bags of money were indeed kept in Nestor Kirchner's mausoleum as we have always suspected, but those bags of $$$ were hurriedly withdrawn prior to a raid by the police back in 2013, at least according to Danilo Adolfo Penissi, an ex employee at Rio Gallegos municipal council.

    Meanwhile, the justice minister Germán Garavano has avoided a clash with the government over his comment "It's never a good thing for an ex-president to go to remand prison.", which infuriated Elisa Carrio and others. He also said "It's not like she's going to flee the country or try to influence any future trial."

    For fuck's sake, I kid you not- and this coming from an actual government minister. Beggars belief.

  • You should try to see this as an episode of a Netflix saga on Pablo Escobar, not on Winston Churchill ^^

    However, unlike in Pablo Escobar representations, here in Argentina public officers making declaration in support of a proven criminal are done in tranquility and without menace of physical harm to their family. Almost if they really believe it.