Donut Therapy - New best donut place in Palermo just opened

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  • Donut Therapy, a donut store that Venezuelan Allie Lazar's boyfriend just opened in Palermo (Thames 1999) about 10 days ago is already famous. Head there soon and prepared to wait - apparently, their donuts are so good they run out of them before you can order another one.

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  • Yowza! The maple donut with actual crisp bacon is tempting, but that Reese’s donut....

    But I agree with your post in another thread, serafina , they need to be open early enough for those bad boys to be enjoyed with morning coffee.

    I will look to see what kind of review Donut Therapy gets from Lazar!)

  • Last Sunday we were strolling around Palermo and came across Donut Therapy. We were there at 1:10 PM on a Sunday, so I thought we wouldn't find a soul, as everybody was heads-in in the parrillas nearby. WRONG.

    There were about 6 people sat outside and sign on the door that read: ' 2a tanda a las 14:00'. Those people were waiting 50'!

    Well, two blocks away there is Lattente, a great coffee place. We hung in there until 1:50 PM and headed back to Donut Therapy.

    The place was already open and a long line of maybe 20+ people was waiting patiently outside, including one Rappi delivery girl.

    My husband didn't want to wait but I insisted - I told him that apparently it is that way every day and that I had no other day with so much spare time to waste spend standing in line. I also told him to order whatever he wanted to try because I would never stand in line again for donuts.

    We bought four pieces, some were priced 50 ARs and some 60 ARS. We ate them at home since there is limited seating inside (about 8 spots) and outside (another 8 spots).

    I was able to eat them but I was not fond of them. Likely it is not my kind of sweet treat. I'd rather have a berliner (or krapfen). I think the price is okay considering the current exchange rate: just over 1 eur for a donut. However, compared to facturas which are 10 ARS a piece, they are expensive.

    I'd trade churros for donuts any day!