Why do cafes open so late in the morning?

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  • I wake up at a normal hour (in my book, around 7 AM) and I'd love to go out of the house and have a full breakfast in one of the many cafes of Buenos Aires. However, most of them do not open until 8.30-9.00AM. Who can go to a bar at that time of the day? By then, my husband is also awaken and I make him breakfast, while I'd love to have a hour just for my self having a coffee and reading the news. By the time cafes open, I am already working hard and I cannot take one hour in the mid of the morning to lounge in a café.

    In Italy I used to go to a café on my way to work, and met other people doing the same. Some chit chat was usually exchanged, and we ended up knowing one another. (Remember that in Italy we have breakfast at the counter in a matter of 10' as we are standing and drink just an espresso or a cappuccino with a croissant).

    If I go out at 7 AM I can see many people going to work, but the only places selling coffee are 24/7 kiosko machines. :thumbdown:

    There is a new donut place in Palermo, I thought to give it a try but it opens at 11AM - by that time, it is almost lunch time for me. When are you supposed to have donuts? I thought it was breakfast food. :scratchead:

    Not to mention panaderias where they don't have fresh facturas until noon. WTF?! :cursing:

  • Its one of the commandments of Argentina... thou shalt not start work early in the morning.

    I go for a run at 6am and get back around 8am, so I see a lot how the city functions in the early morning. Comparing it to London or Paris, for example, this is a ghost town. Those cities are coming to life during those hours (in fact in many places in London its bustling through the night), but here I only see newspaper huts, some kioskos (but most are still closed), and the odd person who has to take 15 buses to get to work.

    After around 7am, things pick up in terms of how many people you see, but still nothing is open apart from a few more kioskos.

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  • I think 7 or 8 am are good times to open, but to be honest I'm not normally on the street at that time of day.

    When we stayed at a hotel/bar recently in France, I was up and about by 0630 so I wandered around the lovely fishing port until 7 am when the bar opened for that all important cafe au lait.