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  • James Neilson writes some very insightful articles at The BA Times and this one on CFK and the culturally corrupt system, speaks for itself.

    This paragraph in particular stands out and hits you in the head:


    In the UK not that long ago, a government minister who tried to wriggle his way out of a traffic offence committed years earlier by saying that his then wife had been at the wheel got sent to jail; here, a former president who has been plausibly accused of stealing billions of dollars not only remains at large, but still has a chance, albeit a remote one, of returning in triumph to the Pink House and stealing a few billion more. If the opinion polls are to be believed, that is what about a third of the electorate wants.

    Full article here

  • Likely, most of people who wants her back are not touched by her crimes nor think they affects them, whereas they will be getting their share of happiness in the short term if she is elected again.
    I don’t think these people believe in long term change, but maybe they have far lower expectations and a shorter life span, and are selfish to the point that they do not care for their own children’s future, either.

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  • Good article. Should be required reading for anyone trying to understand the difference between the current and preceding administrations.

  • Oh my! What a read!

    But what more is needed, after years after years of corruption, tapes, pictures, videos, witnesses, etc?

    And about people who were country leaders, no less!

  • The Kirchners were expert at election influencing, shall we say, as have been many of the Peronists who like to give away TVs and such like in return for votes.

    Also, let's not forget the Antonini Wilson suitcase affair which was $800,000 supposedly destined for the 2007 CFK elections. By the way, he was never prosecuted due to the statute of limitations, apparently.

  • The suitcase affair was one of the more graphically memorable, though I’ll have to say that in my own memory, at least, that mental image has been surpassed by the thought of bags of Euros being removed from Nestor’s coffin.

  • My wife says Nestor was 'done in' rather than dying through natural causes. Is that just another story doing the rounds?

    To be honest I don't know what the hell to believe. It's got to the stage most of what I hear about the K's goes in one ear and out the other.