The American who bought London Bridge

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  • I vaguely remember London Bridge being sold to an American when I was a child and later we would joke that he had really wanted to buy Tower Bridge, but ended up getting the wrong one, which of course wasn't true.

    I had never heard of Lake Havasu either, until watching the film 'Falling Down' where Robert Duvall's cop character was hoping to retire there and I remember wondering whether the Lake Havasu in the film was a bit of sarcastic jibe against the place. Well, now I know, and in this fine article from the BBC, the entire story of how London Bridge ended up in the Arizona desert is told, with Robert Paxton McCulloch emerging as a man with very big ideas that paid off.

    The bridge that crossed an ocean (And the man who moved it)

  • No matter how rich or famous one might get, it still takes a determined person to accomplish things in life. As one who lives in the USA, I knew about Lake Havasu, but never connected it with London Bridge, just amazing. Really enjoyed reading the story behind Lake Havasu.

  • This article is fascinating, Splinter . As a child, I, also, knew of the big joke about London Bridge in the Arizona desert, but never knew that it was a calculated financial venture that really paid off.

    In more recent years, our company was contacted about providing medical coverage for a hospital there; the BBC article makes me wish we’d been able to schedule that!