Credit cards at petrol/gas stations

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  • i had read that some petrol/gas stations were not accepting credit cards . Last week it happened to me in General Madariaga in Bs As province about 4 hrs south of the capital. The pumps were clearly marked no credit cards accepted . Debit was ok - the manager of the station said he thought it would beome more prevalent unless the credit card companies changed theri policy of paying the vendor at 30 days from the sale.

  • One downside I have experienced is that foreign debit cards, such as Charles Schwab VISA debit card, run on the credit system here in Argentina and thus are not accepted.

    It happened to me once in a place showing the sign 'VISA debit card only', and when I handed my VISA debit they tried it with their POS but it kept going on the credit payment system. Eventually the store manager let me pay anyway (the POS device can accept credit transactions, as well) but warned me they won't be accepting my card ever again. Nice.

    This has happened also in the US with an Italian debit card, which overdraft. I never thought it was possible to overdraft on a debit card, but it did!

  • On my travels into the outback, I found very few service stations that accepted cards, or they had signs for Visa and Mastercard and then an A4 piece of paper stuck willy nilly at the entrance to the shop to say 'cards suspended until further notice'.

    We have seen that same notice at some small restaurants. I just thought it was because of the fee charged. Never realized the vendors had to wait 30 days for payment. That’s outrageous.