Understanding the Scottish accent

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  • My first trip abroad alone, I was 18 y.o. with a friend. We decided to visit the UK, and on our first day we traveled from Milan to London and then straight to Edinburgh. We were miserable: it was raining, grey stones everywhere, we didn't know that to stop a bus you have to wave your arm, so we spent one hour at the bus stop; the hostel was humid and we couldn't understand a single word we were said. We went out for a beer, the most iconic experience you can have in the UK, right? The place is a sad version of the pub shown in the video, very dark, dim lights, a few oldies at some tables. We had no idea of what kind of beer to order, I think we just asked for 'the first one you said'. Next stop is Stirling, then Glasgow. We are in Glasgow in a café and there are two girls speaking Gaelic on the next table. I couldn't wait to go south.

    We arrive in London and it gets a little better, English- and weather-wise, but our hostel is a poorly maintained house run by an Indian family, you literally had to shower in a closet... we ended up changing our return flight to go back home earlier. :D

    But I loved Stirling Youth hostel and walking in the countryside.


  • serafina , your description of arriving in Edinburgh could have been a carbon copy of my own first trip there. Raining, dark, cold, inhospitable. I was 24, but as bereft as you were at 18. The B&B had one saving feature: electric kettles and plenty of tea, milk and biscuits in the room! That got me through the cold and gloom of the first night. The next day was warmer, the sun was shining, I could understand a few people, and some of them returned my smiles. So while it wasn’t love at first sight, within a few days I did really start to appreciate the city, which really is beautiful.

  • Quote

    Or An Aberdonian doon for the fitba


    Translate please.

    A person from Aberdeen whom has travelled south to Glasgow to watch a football match.

  • My guess: I cannot believe you couldn't [know?] what the UK man is blathering about.

    I like this game!!!!! It is like English pronunciation book for Italians, with the occasional odd localism thrown in! 8o

  • I like this game too! Please throw us a few more of these somewhat intuitive ones before graduating to the more difficult ones?