What's with Evangelical churches?

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  • Last week I was walking in Almagro, one block from the famous Confitería Las Violetas, and a long line was standing on the sidewalk to enter into a place that said it was the House of Pastor Gimenez. Inside it was very crowded and there was a stage and someone on it with a microphone. I was too afraid to look too much. People were weaving their hands, screaming and chanting. So I went to google the guy, and this is his page: https://pastorgimenez.com/

    It is not clear what it is about, I am not getting the message about what is special about this guy. Is it animism? Is this a one-man operation or part of a large network? Is this like scientology or a spin-off from Protestantism?

    There is also a huge building in Almagro, on Av. Corrientes, for the Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios. It is an incredibly well maintained building and there is always security outside. This is a rendering, but the actual building is identical.

    What are these cults about?


  • We saw that enormous place on Corrientes last week, but had no idea about its context.

    “Gladiators of the Altar?” Creepy.

  • I have great respect to traditional protestant communities. But these people are really unbelievable.

    There is a group that since several centuries announces the End of the World. It seems that not only the Roman Catholic Church is in a critical state.

    Perhaps a "Latin American protestant version". I think they come from Brazil.

    Luther, please come again to put some order in this affair!