When the Argentine economy works in your favour!

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  • This is a very rare occurrence, unless you're a currency speculator of course, but in the case of Steam which is a digital distribution platform for video games developed by Valve Corporation, I'm actually winning.

    When we got home yesterday I received a Steam notification for pre-ordering Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a game much anticipated by me and millions of other gamers. The kick here is that Steam now charges in your local currency and the price shown is AR$660 which at an exchange of US$=AR$38 comes out at US$17.36. The recommended price elsewhere is US$60, so naturally I went for it sharpish and preloaded the game ready for Friday's release date.

    I've know this to happen before and if a game is a steal like this and you really want it, it's as well to grab it because the price mysteriously zooms up in price later on :bananadance:

    I expect to be writing a DCT article on this sometime, not to mention a review of the game itself once it's up and running on my upgraded rig.