You can finally *actually* top up your SUBE online

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  • We all knew that it was possible to top up your SUBE card online, however you needed to take your card to one of the charging point to actually load it with the pesos. A pretty annoying step which was finally taken out.

    However (and here you can start holding your laugh), the solution came in the form a small USB device you can buy for 390 ARS, connect via USB to your computer or smartphone, approach your SUBE card to this sort of 'USB SUBE writer'.

    Only for Android and only for Windows. And I am not seeing 390 ARS but 780 ARS. WTF?! :cursing:


    Here's the news on LN:…cebook#Echobox=1536159957

  • Maybe I should add 'with a caveat' in the title. I realize it is misleading. :P

    You’ve discovered the secret of good headline writers, serafina ! The possibility of that sane development was too tempting to ignore. Not your fault that the reality is laughable!