La Nación raises their paywall further

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  • We all got used to navigating La Nación website using the Incognito mode on our browser. Well, starting this week it is no longer possible - the paywall stays anyway.

    Another change I have noticed is that when I try to copy 2-3 lines of text, when I hit paste, I just get the title article and Copyright La Nación, followed by the article URL (example below)


    Fuerte respaldo de los obispos argentinos a Francisco - Copyright © LA NACION - URL: "

  • The very definition of customer-unfriendly.

    We used to have a Sunday-only subscription, and may need to resume it.

    (See how easily I gave in?)

  • I had subscribed at a promo price for 6 months last year, not only they charged me twice (and refused to reimburse me - instead, they said I would get one free month) but getting off was a real adventure, with numerous calls and an embarrassing conversation with the phone operator where she claimed I never asked to cancel my subscription (despite I gave her the reference number and wrote like 3 emails asking to cancel it), so I told her "well, then take note now: I want out" and she kept telling be the benefits, until I repeated almost screaming for at least three times in a row CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION FOR GOD's SAKE!!!

    So, I have nothing against paying to read LN, if only it was a normal subscription to deal with. Their customer service is terrible.

  • You’re right about that. I had a tough time canceling too. The call center they use is very aggressive about not losing customers. Even when I said we had booked a flight to Mars and didn’t know if or when we would return, she didn’t want to let me go. Finally I said we were canceling the credit card the subscription was charged to, and that did it.