Kirschner reign in Argentina, and its physical effects on la Presidenta

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  • Rice said:

    here is nothing particularly new about the information or opinion expressed, but to be completely shallow, I must ask about the photograph. What happened to the composed, glamorous Cristina of 3 years ago?

    For me. Cristina was never a beautiful, remarkable woman. She was only allowed to be a Politician because her strong will to revenge her humiliation because of her clearly low origins. He was resented to all the customs inspired in the Argentine bourgeoisy, and thus eager to transgress all manners. She always look rude, artificially elegant, and always boasting about her merits. For an argentinean born like me, it is a real shame to have that obnoxious person as that which represents our country in the world.

    Perhaps this is the result of the social mobility in this country, very exaggerated form 70 years ago.

    Other political leaders as Obama, Mrs. Thatcher, etc., were coming not from the élite, but at least they behaved as well educated persons. In my country, this was not the case.

  • Remember, I said “glamorous,” not “elegant” or “beautiful.” That photo looks like a mud wrestler.

  • Your English command is phenomenal, Carlos . No need to ever worry or be apologetic. But be aware that I would never call that evil reptile beautiful!

  • With the current trend away from cages in zoos, I’m afraid she could claw her way out of her enclosure, placing in peril the other zoo animals as well as humans.