Residence permits.

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  • Hello, I am from Holland and my wife is from Indonesia and want to ask about the minimum requirements to obtain a residence permit for me my wife and child? Our daughter is 13 years and is a student at the American International School. Is it possible in Argentina after registering her at the American International School to apply for her for a residence permit first and after that we ask for a family reunification visa.

    Or in case we deposit money in the bank? (USD 18.000) for example. We waiting for any helpful feedback.

    Thanks for your time and helpful information.

  • Welcome to the forum, DGA. I’m completely ignorant on this subject, so will need to leave your question for help from others.

    To clarify, though, are you saying that your daughter is already studying at the American International School in Buenos Aires, presumably on a student visa, and you are not yet in Argentina? Or are you in the country on tourist visas?

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    Hi DGA,

    welcome on the forum. Immigration requirements come before any job/school duty, so if your daughter is enrolled in the American International School, she must have a mean to be legally in Argentina through a visa/residency/citizenship.

    You cannot enroll for a family reunification visa based on a student-visa, as it is a temporary visa.

    If one of your family member is an Argentinian citizen, then it is a whole different story. By the way, anybody who is born on Argentinian soil is Argentinian by birth, so that could be another route (to have a child here). However, until you aren't legally here you cannot register for a DNI and you cannot work legally in Argentina.

    That said, there are several foreigners who work remotely and never registered in the Argentinian system. The issue is that if you overstay your tourist visa (90 days, which can be extended to 180 days) you might face problem when traveling abroad.

    Another option is to apply for a visa rentista, which is an option available to those having a passive income of at least 8,000 ARS per month. This can be rent from a property, pensions, etc. The more you can prove your passive income, the better. This is a temporary visa.

    After two years of continuous stay in Argentina (legally or not) you can file for citizenship through a lawyer. I think it costs about USD1,500.

  • Hi all,

    foreigners with steady income of 1500 month/person would be able apply for the rentista residency. The income should be legal, official and required the applicant to be employed. Rentista Residence permit holders can set up a business or work independently in Argentina, but cannot work as employees. More detailed info about how to process the application and the requirements are well described here in this article:

  • Hello, I am a USA Citizen, with a $4,500 USA Pension and a USA Passport, living in the Philippines also my Wife and her daughter both are Philippine Citizenship and Philippine Passports. I want to move to Argentina with my wife and daughter. How and what is the best way for me to do this.