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  • Has anyone tried purchasing soemthing from Falabella online with a UK (or other foreign) credit card? I am trying to buy something and both my cards (yes, fully paid, bank knows I am abroad, etc.) and I keep getting a stupid "oops" message with little information about why the transaction does not complete.

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    I once tried to buy something from Musimundo using an Italian credit card (it was supposed to be a gift from my mother's), however I was unable to complete the transaction because they had extra security steps in place for foreign credit cards, meaning that they needed to be confirmed by the bank before the order went actually through. So my order was on hold.

    The transaction went through on my mother's end, meaning that it appeared in her statement, but on Musimundo it was pending approval. And Musimundo also required that my purchase should be completed within 24 hours, otherwise it would be cancelled. But it was a weekend sale, and nobody was there at Musimundo to confirm the credit card (my mother had it confirmed with her bank by phone).

    On Monday, my order was canceled because the payment didn't arrive within 24 hours. Clearly, it was Musimundo's fault. My mother was credited back the amount after 4 days (though she lost some euros because the exchange rate changed in the meanwhile).

    I lost the weekend sale price on that item - I was furious!!!! It was not my fault the payment didn't go through!!!!

    My suggestion is to register your card on Mercadopago and then checkout on Falabella using your mercadopago account, if you are given this option.

  • I couldn't find the thread related to getting a better exchange rate for foreign credit cards, but here's a useful article from the BA Herald.

    “Foreign tourist dollar”: everything you need to know about the preferential exchange rate - Buenos Aires Herald
    Payments made in Argentina with foreign credit cards are processed at the MEP dollar rate. Here are the details.