Buying a mobile phone abroad and using it here

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  • I'm bring a new cellular phone from the UK when we come back next month and bearing in mind that there was supposed to be a new law which would come into effect early this year, I'm wondering if anyone else has brought one into Arg in the last few months? And also if they had any problems using it.

    The one I'm buying will be unlocked anyway, but there was talk of blocking IMEI numbers for phones that had not been declared. However, it seems this may have died a death, because quite rightly the question was asked about tourists etc and not just the castigated Argentines.…-interna_0_SJD2-MV7M.html

    In this article it looks like the idea was shelved, but I can't be sure.


    It does seem to have fizzled out according to these reports.

  • I brought over an iPhone X on July and did not register it anywhere. Maybe it is too soon to tell, but it is working fine.

    Also, at the airport there was no mention of having to register your mobile equipment.

    I had used the phone for a month in Italy, so the first time that device was turned on, it was on an European network. Not sure if this would make a difference.

    I think that idea of having to register your device was just a blur... or at least I hope. Anyway they said it wouldn't be retroactive, so we should be fine.

  • serafina and how were customs at Ezeiza?

    It was at Aeroparque and I played dumb tourist speaking English and the lady let me go through without even scanning my bags. I was blessed and yet I feel guilty. Maybe karma will make me pay for this one day :rolleyes:

  • I never speak Spanish at Ezeiza and always try to look as dumb as possible, which isn't that difficult for me :bananadance:

    Me too. I let my wife carry the bags with the dirty washing and I carry the ones with the goodies in them.

    As for the new law about bringing in and using a phone. You'd think they didn't have a million and one far more important things to focus their minds on. :rolleyes:

  • Customs for me in May were no problem. Typical scenerio of them not seeming to give a shit in fact. I always have overloaded bags. New clothes, perfumes, a new PC, food, new iPhone, makeup for my wife, four watches, and things I am forgetting about.

    I have never had a single problem, which makes me wonder if what I read on the other forum from some members is pure scaremongering. I know there are stories of bad things happening, but I usually find digging deeper into those storeis show the person it happened to did something wrong.

    Btw, none of the new goods I bring into the country are boxed. All electronics are "used" even if brand new. My plan if I am ever pulled up is to always play stupid and speak English. Let's be honest, they are not interested in the British guy coming from the UK. They do however seem to show more interest in Argentine natives that are on my flights.

    I also never fill in that little form they bring around before landing.

  • Yes I did and it's superb.

    I asked my daughter Genevieve to order a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Amazon before I left for the UK and she placed it on the dinner table when I was least expecting it, which was a lovely surprise.

    It was launched in August 2017 and now that it's been superseded by the Note 9, I managed to get it for £570 (launch price £950).

    I wanted it because it has a dual 12Mp camera, the S Pen for writing notes, 6 Gb RAM and it has a 6.3 in screen.

    My Galaxy S8 is now up for sale, if anyone is interested?

    Oh and coming through customs with both phones didn't produce any problems at all and that stupid form form they make they you fill in ended up in the toilet.

    Here's a pic with the Bokeh effect:

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