Not with a whimper but with a bang

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  • From CNN this morning:

    “A new Pentagon report says China is likely training pilots for missions that target the United States. The annual report, which details Chinese military developments, also says China is looking at developing nuclear capability on its long-range bombers. That would, for the first time, give the Chinese the ability to launch nukes from "land, sea and air." Chinese President Xi Jinping has made no secret of his desire to modernize China's armed forces. And one CIA official says China wants to replace the US as the world's superpower.”

  • I read this report and wondered if it was pure scaremongering, leaving many readers with the impression that China was preparing for strikes on US targets.

    It's one thing to want to compete with the world's largest military superpower by flexing muscles, but quite another to have the intent of attacking.

  • Sounds like scaremongering to me. There's no doubt that Chinese pilots would train to combat the U.S. in war game scenarios. That makes sense for several reasons. You bet the U.S. also trains scenarios against China/Russia/NK/Iran/ etc.

    I am generally anti-military, but I find it amusing the whenever a country starts ramping up military spending or pursuing arms technology it must be for evil purposes. The U.S. does it and it's for the good of the world.