Favourite breakfast

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  • Argentines usually have a café con leche, which is a cup 50% coffee and 50% milk, together with either a sweet pastry called medialuna (a sort of brioche) or a sweet alternative called tostadas (slice of bread with a light cheese spread or butter and marmalade or caramel spread (dulce de leche)) or a salty hot toast called tostado with ham and cheese. Some have medialunas with jam and cheese, instead.

    Below: left, tostadas with butter and caramel spread; middle, café con leche.


    Below: the classic 'combo' consisting of café con leche and two medialunas, plus a complimentary glass of tap water which tastes like pool water.


    Below: a tostado with ham and cheese


  • My Argentine wife has a concoction of mixed cereal and yoghurt with some fresh fruit thrown in for good measure. She drinks mate.

    I'm not Argentine but since coming to live here my breakfast hasn't changed. I still eat Kellogs corn flakes with milk and drink coffee. Only difference is the quality of both are poor and extortionately priced in comparison to the UK.

  • Great photos and descriptions, serafina ! When you describe food, I head for the kitchen.

    I love tostados, with cheese melting over the ham and oozing out the sides of the toast. But for us, they are more a supper item. For breakfast, tostados are a nice warm version of a Dutch breakfast, with cold ham & cheese slices served with crispy rusk.

    Most people we know in BsAs just grab a quick cafe with a couple of medialunas for breakfast, saving room for a BIG lunch, usually eaten at 1 or 2 pm or later.

    Medialunas are delicious. They may look like croissants, but they have a light, sweet glaze that makes you want to snarf down half a dozen.

  • Medialunas are delicious. They may look like croissants, but they have a light, sweet glaze that makes you want to snarf down half a dozen.

    Yes if I remember I buy half a dozen medialunas and half a dozen dulce de leche filled things once a week and freeze them. I take one out and put it in the Philips air fryer for a couple of minutes to have at breakfast.

  • I'm looking forward to a good English breakfast in about ten days time :)


    I can rustle up an acceptable fry up here when I can be bothered. Panceta ahumada, salchicha parrillera, sliced morcilla, home made tattie scone,fried egg and tomato and even the odd mushroom if I have them. All acceptable substitutes for the 'real thing'. The missus doesn't partake. :D

  • I was at first reluctant to have a salty breakfast, but after my last trip to the States I started to love it.

    Breakfast in the States is also more nourishing and keeps me fulled all morning.

    I am not good at breakfast, I just have coffee over coffee until it is time for an early but full lunch (12:30) .