Ecuador to remove UNASUR statue of Nestor Kirchner

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  • The UNASUR building, named in honour of former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, was opened in December 2014 and also had a statue of Kirchner placed near the entrance.

    This week the national assembly of Ecuador voted 72 to 30 to have the statue removed since they say it stands as a symbol for corruption and is not a good example for the people of Ecuador.

    One wonders if they'll rename the building too, which then brings us to Argentina in the hope that the Kirchner Cultural Centre and all the many roads, public works, including hydroelectric dams which in my opinion, should also be renamed.

    But then, this being Argentina, arguments, bitching, back-biting and massive protests would probably ensue.

    Take a look at this image - on the left you have the statue and on the right you have Nestor ecstatically trying to open the door of a safe, newly installed in his house.