On recovering a PayPal account

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  • About ten years ago I opened my first PayPal account which I used quite happily to pay for web hosting, buying games and software online etc. Three years later I forgot my password and when faced with the secret questions page, I knew my answers were correct, but they weren't being accepted by PayPal so that I could move onto the next stage of a password reset link. The only way I could resolve the issue was to phone PayPal USA and provide proof of my identity, but this didn't work as it was all voice activation with no options to go human.

    There's an important distinction here too. My original account was set up with a UK card which then expired and I later cancelled.

    In the intervening years and the dollar clampdown, PayPal wasn't available in Argentina and so I forgot about PayPal until 2016 when it became available in Arg and I opened a new account with a different email address.

    Recently I decided to revive the old PayPal account and I found that the only way to successfully speak to a human was to send an internal email support enquiry through my new PayPal account because again, the phone system is so mechanised that I got nowhere. In the end and credit to them, they phoned me directly and once I was able to confirm my correct postal address and zip code from ten years ago (this is critical) my old account was reactivated and codes and links were sent to me.

    There's only a few dollars left in the account, but the point for me is that a US PayPal account appears to allow more flexibility than an Arg one, for example sending/receiving money with friends and family options.

    I'm also glad I kept all my emails related to PayPal from ten years ago and didn't delete them. I hope this helps anyone who needs to go through the same procedure.

  • Congratulations for persevering until you found the winning combination and were able to communicate with a human, Splinter . Last year, I needed to update credit card information, but like you, failed the security questions test. Eventually got it sorted out, but I'm glad to have your info for future communications needs.