NY Times article features Buenos Aires and 9 other destinations

  • This could be handy if you have visitors coming to BsAs, or if you are considering a trip to Mumbai or any of the other cities in the NY Times article:

    Here's the part about Buenos Aires (nothing new here, but always fun to read about Buenos Aires from other people's observations-), with a link to the rest of the cities for those who are interested.

    Paris, Chicago and Beyond: How to Have a Luxury Trip for Much Less Than You Think

    A high-end vacation doesn’t have to mean spending big dollars. Here are 10 cities where you can have upscale experiences without paying premium prices.

    By Shivani Vora

    July 30, 2018

    Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires isn’t an expensive destination to begin with, and travelers seeking an upscale vacation to the city can have it without too much effort, according to Jennifer Gillmore, an Argentina expert at Travel Beyond, a travel company in Wayzata, Minn. “I know from personal experience that you can get luxury in Buenos Aires without paying luxury prices,” she said.

    Her advice:

    When to Go Peak season in Buenos Aires runs from November through March, Argentina’s summer, but Ms. Gillmore prefers visiting from May to September, when hotel prices drop by 15 percent or more (and temperatures are also mild). Luxury hotels such the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt frequently offer promotions during these months: one example is paying for two nights and getting to stay for three. Breakfast is typically included.

    Culture Is a Bargain Buenos Aires is part of the microtheater movement, where a series of short plays is performed over the course of the evening at small venues; tickets are usually $10 or less a person. And instead of spending money on a touristy and overpriced tango show, visit a milonga, or tango hall, where you can watch locals dance and also participate for between 137 and 219 Argentine pesos, or $5 to $8 a person.

    Indulge Away High-quality meals in Buenos Aires don’t have to be costly. Parrillas, for example, serve hearty and reasonably priced steaks, while dinners with wine can be had for less than $25 a person at popular restaurants.

    Take Taxis or Walk Taxis are a safe and economical way to get around; Ms. Gillmore advised having your hotel or restaurant call a radio taxi, which registers all its drivers. Her favorite way to explore the city is on foot. “The architecture, the streets and the locals is what makes Buenos Aires special, and the best way to appreciate that is by walking,” she said.