Lopez Rega: La Biografia

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  • Lopez Rega: La Biografia by Marcelo Larraquy

    I read this fascinating account of Lopez Rega's life (in Spanish) from cover to cover in a couple of days and found it riveting.

    He was known as El Brujo and quite how he got under Peron's skin in the 50s is anybody's guess. There was definitely something odd going on there, as well with Isabel Peron and the body of Evita.

    He seemed to cast some kind of spell on Peron and ended up becoming incredibly powerful, setting up the Triple A and losing control of the violence (which he encouraged) completely.

    here's a very good documentary on Lopez Rega which is well worth watching.

  • Lopez Rega was an obnoxious advisor of Juan Peron in his last years of life. (1972-1974).

    He began the illegal repression against the leftist groups that Peron had previously praised as

    "The marvelous young people", because Peron used the left to get the return for his exile in Spain, and tried to manage and supervise them, But the leftist (marxists) did not care about Peron

    and in the end they will treason him, killing people of the army in Costitutional period (1973.1976).

    Both acted as traitors. Peron, which was an opportunist, and the Marxist groups, as well.

    Peron, in his deep thinking, was not a revolutionary. He, as an Army General, was a man of order.

    Even, in his 1930's, admired Mussolini´s order put in Italy. (By the way, in the 1920's even Churchill look at Mussolini as a man of order). Then, of course, he changed opinion when in 1936 Mussolini became an ally of Hitler.

    Unfortunately, the Military coup of 1976 imitated the illegal methods of repression of Lopez Rega.

    To his and ours misfortune, Peron always disdained the opinion of people who were more intelligent and wise that himself. He had, in the beginning of his government (1946), many good people collabrating with him. But he, at the end, choosed the worst men.