Oldham council (UK) bows down to Islam before meeting

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  • A Labour controlled council in the UK opens its meeting with a Muslim prayer (in Arabic) as the councillors bow to Islam.

    This is how much the UK has changed and many people are appalled that traditional British values are being eroded. Had I been a councillor, I would have refused to be involved in any religious event at the council, regardless of creed.

    Oldham Council Islamic Prayer

    Oldham Council bows down to Islam. Is this our future? Please share and make aware

    Posted by Bin The Labour Party on Sunday, July 22, 2018

  • In the US, there has long been a vocal element decrying the removal of (Christian) prayer from govt mtgs, schools, etc. I’d like to know how those folks would feel if they found themselves in a meeting like this one —

  • In a very old post, I suggested that I find uncomfortable to see how England, and others European countries, are nowadays loosing their identity. I received numerous criticism for this opinion, perhaps meaning that I was a hidden racist hidden in a lost corner of the world.

    It seems that this meeting with a Muslim prayer (in Arabic, for worst!) gives me a small part of reason.

  • Carlos

    I think you're referring to this thread

    England population transformed

    It's true that the Muslim population of the UK means that there are many Muslims in positions of responsibility at all kinds of levels, which is inevitable given that they make up around 6% of the population.

    I criticised you at the time because I believe the piece you quoted had been written by a right wing website whose sole purpose was stirring up racial hatred (not your whole purpose, please understand).

    My position is that I would not, under any circumstances, attend a council meeting in the UK whose prerequisite was a Muslim prayer to open with. If the same meeting were to take place in a Muslim country, I would respect their culture and traditions.

    I don't see much of a quid pro quo with British Muslims, unfortunately.

  • Mr Splinter, I understand and agree with your last post. It is not my intention to arouse Hate towards other communities, but as an alien observator, and also admirer of the British culture, I regret that there is a general withdrawal in Britain, and in other European countries, to give place to other cultures that have no common ground with the traditional ones of every country.

    I, as a descendant from Northern italians, i know that we share many common culture traits with you anglosaxons and the gemanic peoples as well, but if I go to Britain I will never pretend that Britain change to adapt myself to your culture. This is what the Muslims do.

    Recently in Italy, under the pressure of the Muslims, a Municipal mayor decided to withdraw all crucifixes from the Municipal offices, only to get sympathetic with the muslims. A Two millenial custom was wiped out. In exchange of what?