Buenos Aires in 1962

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  • 1962 was a good year, but not so much to call it "A golden time".

    In March 1962, the straight minded military, shortsighted of course, wipe out the government of Arturo Frondizi, a real statesman (Perhaps to intelligent and smart for the narrow minds of the military of those times). Then, to save face, appointed president a honest but unknown and uninsipired man, Dr. Jose maria Guido, which call to new elections in 1963, won this time by another good and honest man, Dr. Arturo Illia.

    The situation went worst in 1973, when the guerrilla warfare hit our country in the worst way.

    Remember that in 1962 we were inside the cold war, and the USSR, through Cuba, fostered and fueled the guerrilla that here began to act on 1963.