Shops and cafes in Buenos Aires from another era

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  • Here's a great article from BBC Mundo with some fascinating little places that have survived decades and are still pretty much they way they always were.

    Cafes, shoe and umbrella shops, for example. It's true that there seems to be a ferretería on almost every street corner much to my delight and in Olivos there's even a button shop (botonera) dedicated to every type of button imaginable. It was said by Napoleon that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers, but sadly places like this are now far and few, unlike here in Buenos Aires.

  • A few months ago, a friend visited and asked we go to a countryside clothes (ropa de campo) store in Monserrat, Aux Charpentiers (México 1302). I had never been to that area, it was raining cats and dogs, but I agreed as she was leaving the next day.

    We entered this big, old, antique shop with the finest country clothes I had ever seen in Argentina. Trousers, shirts, jackets, hats, belts, all sort of accessories. They make quality their distinctive trait and it shows. Their styles are classic, but unique. They also have a urban-countryside line which is classic cuts but with more urban textiles.

    The service was excellent -- every person in the shop likely belonged to the family, so they knew what they were talking about.

    The place was founded in 1888 and I believe the store is the original store. Worth a visit!

    Their FB page: