CABA gives away 100,000 tablets

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  • To pensioners who are now connected, bless em.

    There I was thinking we were in an age austerity and Horacio Larreta (mayor) does a Cristina and buys a wad of votes.

    Go Larreta!


    MÁS CONECTADOS CON LAS NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS Con Diego Santilli, Felipe Miguel y Guadalupe Tagliaferri entregamos nuevas tablets +Simple. Ya son más de 100 mil los adultos mayores de la Ciudad que con esta herramienta están mejor conectados y disfrutando de la tecnología.

    Posted by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

  • How did the elderly demographic vote in the last election?

    There are no statistics, as the vote is secret. I guess that the elderly voted always the same.

    Those who were peronists, will do that. The peronists always appear to protect the weak and the elder people. But only "appear".

    One of the worst thing that did Cristina is giving pensions to 1,5 million people that never payed any contribution, just to gain votes. The fiscal cost eroded seriously the Pensions and retirements funds. And she appeared as the good girl of the game.

  • She also gave away over 5 million netbooks and probably put a nice tidy kickback in her pocket or Swiss bank account.

    In fact, I had the misfortune of trying to repair one or two of these. Utter crap they are.

    Yes, she gave this to very poor people which did not have sewage system, natural gas neither edible current water. She tought, perhaps , that connectivity will enhance their life.

    Menem did almost the same thing in the 1990's, convinced that the task of programming computer was the jub of the future, and he suppressed the craftmaship schools that prepared electricians, plumbers, masonry and carpenters. He did not knew that the personal computer was coming in.

    Now it is very difficult to hire an instructed technician like that. All of them "tocan de oído", a castilian expression which means that their craftmanship had no masters neither teachers, and their performance is very poor.