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  • Can anyone explain Appletv to me, and tell me if one purchased in the US is usable in Argentina? Because the US current is 120volts and 60 cycles, as against Argentina's 220 volts/50 cycles, we need voltage converters for most electrical items. However our electronic items -- cell phone, camera and laptop chargers -- operate on both systems without a charger. Is this the case with Appletv as well?

    I'd like to read absolutely everything anyone has to say about this. Don't be afraid of insulting me by being too basic, as we know nothing at all about this subject, nor do we know of any expats currently using Appletv.


  • We have an Apple TV and we bought it from an American guy, so it definitely works here. On the device itself it states it works with 110-240 V and 50-60 Hz, so you are safe.

    However, an Apple TV is just a device that makes your TV smart, i.e. it allows you to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc through the internet. More modern TV are already smart by themselves, i.e. they can connect to the internet to access these services without needing an Apple TV. (Competitors to Apple TV are Amazon Fire stick and Google Chrome Cast.)

    Video streaming services are subject to your current location due to commercial agreements. For example, in Argentina there is no Hulu, so that service is not available through my Apple TV. If I were to take the device in the US, it would take Hulu.

    Last but not least, the programming available on available services is also geographically-dependent. I.e. when I access Netflix I get access to the Argentina Netflix catalogue, which is far narrower than the US Netflix catalogue. For example, on US Netflix the latest season of Grey's Anatomy is already available, but on Argentina Netflix it will become available in November.

    That said, I watch mostly movies and TV series in English, if that's your concern.

  • Well, we use the computer to bypass geographical limitations but there are many ways to accomplish the task. We usually don't bother with the computer at all, it is just easier to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    You can check the current listing on Netflix Argentina here:

    Maybe if you mention some of the content you are interested into, I can check it for you.

  • Thanks, serafina . We always watch Netflix in BsAs without benefit of Apple TV, and love it. But my husband is always trying to see US College Football, with very mixed success. Specifically, he wonders if Apple TV would allow him to watch these channels in Argentina:

    espn, abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc.

    Grateful for whatever help you can give us!