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Diversity in the US vs. France

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    Several media outlets have 'celebrated' the victory of France in the FIFA World Cup with ironic references to being an 'African team' or an 'African victory' and not a French one. Trevor Noah, a US TV presenter, made a joke saying that Africa won the World Cup.

    The Ambassador to France in the United States issued a letter to Mr. Noah giving him a lesson on real integration. In my humble opinion, and a few trips to the States, I have always noticed how 'forced' is the concept of integration in the US, despite their efforts to self-proclaim themselves a country that welcome diversity.

    When looking for a home, real estate listing give numerous stats including the ethnicity of the neighborhood. I found it odd and quite alarming, and not really a sign of integration. Indeed, of segregation.

    Back on topic, Mr. Noah replied that his jokes celebrates African-ness... a classic show of politically correctness the American-way. To me, it only makes the matter worse. But I guess Mr. Noah is sure he saved his face, and the French are sure he can't still grasp the difference.

    As a FB user put it in this thread:


    I wish that we, in the United States, would stop using hyphens to define people. We are all Americans and should be referred to that way - not African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, etc.


  • I'd say Ambassador Araud stated his case very well. While it is easy to dismiss comedians' riffs on topics like this one, of course comedy stems from at least a kernel of truth.

    The USA seems to be turning back the clock and returning to an era when racist attitudes were accepted and racist remarks went unchallenged. There are those who feel that the past 50 years brought no real, deep change in racist attitudes that were considered unacceptable in the early 20th century, stemming from the country's earlier generations of slavery; proponents of this view posit that the only difference is that Americans, racist then and now, have been liberated by current role models, from feeling they should hide their bigoted opinions.

    For myself, I am so disillusioned about the country's current embrace of racist leaders, undemocratic practices and ideals diametrically opposed to those I grew up believing about my homeland, that I just can't say if I believe we actually had gained ground post-1965 then lost it post-2016, or if brotherly love and acceptance of all races was simply a myth that I was naive enough to believe.

    I am very surprised, serafina , that realtors' listings could have included ethnicity, as I believe that is completely illegal. But I am currently ready to believe anything.

  • I have seen in the USA "forced" advertisements which shows people of different ethnic groups gathering in the same place. (Like in a world congress)

    It looks a bit as fulfilling a Law. These advertisements include Asian, Indians, Latin Americans of indian ancestry, African Americans and whites.

    In Argentina, things are quite different. All the advertisemens shows beautiful people, but of Caucasian look. A feature that is not exactly our blend of ethnical predominance, to tell the truth.