"Thoughts and Prayers" - meaningful expression or a cover for Slactivism?

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  • In the US, the expression "Our thoughts and prayers are with you"ranks right up there on the inanity scale with "have a nice day." It is such a cliche that it could be used on pre-stamped condolence cards. In other words, an expression avoided by normal people because it has become so meaningless and impersonal that it simply says nothing and offers no solace to the recipients.

    Enter the politicians! The expression, offered at times of mass shootings, natural disasters, etc., is their platitudinous substitution for taking any action to prevent future tragedies. This deconstruction by dictionary.com offers the delightfully descriptive term "Slactivism" to describe the phenomenon. [man at computer: 'sending thoughts and prayers.' next frame: 'there. all better.']