Acer AST180-UA350B

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  • A friend of mine brought me this Acer PC about two weeks ago, wanted to see

    if it could be upgraded. I told Him he had several options, #1 Trash the PC,

    #2 Dual boot Vista with Linux, which he knew nothing about, and #3 try to

    install W10. He opted for #3.

    So after installing a Antec VP 450 watt PSU, a 500GB seagate HDD and 4GB of

    ram, I then installed W10 Pro using the media cretion tool. It is actvated

    and running well.

  • The PC came from Acer with Vista Home Basic 32bit, which was running very well, and I have a system image of, if W10 doesn't work out. Since Vista is unsupported and W7 will soon be unsupported, then W8.1 or W10 is the next logical OS's to upgrade to. I should have installed the 32bit W10, and I would not have had to upgrade the ram.

    I could not find a W10 graphics driver for the Nvidia GeForce 6100, but W10 will run using the W8.1 Nvidia 6100 driver.

    To sum things up. It is not a gaming PC, or even a mainstream PC but it will do as a basic PC, as long as the motherboard lasts.

    Been wanting to do one of these old Vista machine upgrades for awhile, and finally found a willing client. Is it worth it? Who knows?

    I am impressed with W10, did not say I liked it, and all the different hardware it will run on.

  • Since Vista is unsupported and W7 will soon be unsupported

    I am a Mac user but my job requires me to use Windows software. I am running Win7 on Parallels, as this is the last licensed Windows I have (it came with my old Vaio, my last PC).

    New professional software is still running on Win7, but I am afraid it will become unsupported in the next few years. I just need a light Windows environment to run a couple of text editing software. What OS would you recommend?

  • If you are running W7 in a virtual environment, such as Parallels is, and it is running the software that you need, then I would keep using W7, supported or not.

    W10 is about the only logical option one has, if one wants to run Windows. Thank you for your input. daniel.