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    Wonder how long it would take to edit one hour of video?

    I don't know, but I do know $0.75 per minute is an awful rate. Say you managed to edit 30 minutes of video in an hour, that would still only be $22.50 for the hour. I guess it would take at least an hour to edit 30 mins because you will be stopping and starting to ensure the edits are correct to the orginal content.

    Of course, I am not telling anyone that the rate is bad for them, everybody's economy is different. I am saying that for the market, a professional editor would expect way more than this.

    “China announced Monday that minors can only play video games for an hour on Fridays, weekends and holidays, and are banned from playing during the school week. The new rule comes from China’s video game regulator.”

    Given that there are no time restrictions set on minors’ time spent on Snapchat, texting, etc., why video games?

    I think China does have similar rules around social media, no? Is Snapchat even available in the country? I know many social media platforms are not.

    Does seem to have been a hell of a faff. Thank God ours went smoothly even though I hadn't a clue what was going on half of the time. Two marriages in as many days baffled me....never worn the suit since!

    This sums up my experience accurately. No idea what was happening, sitting in the registry office with a translator repeating everything, confused and stressed out and even mildly embarresed. And when I wanted to relax and put it behind me the next day having to go to a party and my other wedding. I am incredibly happy with my wife, but I hated my wedding.

    I am not entirely against the idea of countires leaving Afghanistan. At the end of the day it has to happen at some point and it has been well known for years the the Taliban had not dissapeared but simply gone underground, biding its time for the troops to lead. I get all that and it seems there is a degree of inveitability that the country would collapse again.

    What I do not get is why there has not been a more concerted effort to get people out. By this I mean why hasn't a proper evacuation of non-Afghan people been going on for months. I have not been following this closely, so why has everyone been caught blindsided by this? Was it that the Taliban surprised many by seizing power? If so, isn't that an act of war and the ongoing problems contnuing that act of aggression. Why is sending in the military to help this situation out of the question? They are talking about leaving British, American, etc. etc. citizens there.

    some dislike him? I would have thought that a lot more people would dislike him after he called someone a pedo kind of guy for rescuing kids only because Elon tried to showboat his company with something that was impractical and would’ve wasted a lot of time trying it

    Yes, some dislike him. What is controversial about that statement? Unless you have privvy information on every person and now he is universally disliked.

    I don't mind Elon Musk even though some dislike him. Still, he is stretching it saying Tesla is the biggest robotics company because of its cars. That's marketing speak and he knows it.

    I also find it interesting that the company is pushing this much into AI considering Musk is vocal about his concerns for the technology, including the potential for a singulatiry.

    UK Man is right, you don't have to dig too far anywhere to find racism. BTW, the English mocking you was not racist.

    As for Argentina, I would say it is more upfront and casual racism is accepted. It is also still more institutionalized here than some other places. For example, TV in Argentina is white. Mestizo populations here are "negro" by default and low people by default. Essentially Argentina classes a whole population as "Negro" even when they are not really black.

    As for actual black people in Argnetina, they are few and far between enough to be a local attraction. I met a black family a few years ago when we took our daughter to have a haircut in their house. They told us if they go to the mall they are like famous people walking around with people staring. Btw, I understand if my pasty white was walking around in a mall in Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon, etc, I would be getting the eyeballs too.

    I presume world "authorities" don't give a shit about the Taliban and what happens in Afghanistan. Before the country became one of the military places to be during the 2000s, the U.S., UK, didn't care that Afghanistan was in the toilet, so I doubt they care about it after. I remember watching documentaries in the late 90s about what was happening there an being appalled by the situation, asking myself why nothing was being done by the international community.

    This forum is not confusing at all. Fairly standard in terms of UI in fact.

    The change (removal of subsections) was immediately noticeable.

    While there are probably too many different forums on the board, it also does not need to be stripped down to just two.

    Certainly I do not think the forums themselves or the site layout is the reason new people do not join.

    I have never smoked, well not cigarettes anyway. I do think it was good to ban it from public places, but I have no issue with people who want to smoke in their own space. Unless it is a partner, then it would be a dealbreaker. Although, I don't know why this has turned into a strange debate about COVID. UK Man was talking about a cigar he likes to smoke when relaxing, not running into his local COVID hospital ward puffling on 10 ciggies.

    Give it 20 years and we may not have to imagine.

    I bought a coffee machine last week, just under 40,000 pesos. I had the money in hundreds only because that's what my guy sent me. So, to pay for that coffee machine I had to hand over nearly 400 bills.

    It would have taken 2 in the UK, and one in the U.S., with some change. While we scratch our heads at the obviously terrible state of things in Venezuela, the path is being laid towards the same outcome in the country we live in.

    There are too many horror stories about shipping things here in any form to suggest it is just a matter of getting what you pay for.

    While not shipping containers, I have had my own horror stories from just shipping two pieces of luggage with clothes. That was in 2011 and from what I understand things have become worse since. I am not sure why this country is so paranoid about things entering. Is it really just a case of wanting to make a quick buck off people?

    Heard this morning from a work colleague of his that a doctor in Edinburgh, who had been fully vaccinated has come down with Covid 19.

    This is the unfortunate reality of the situation when looking to open borders. Vaccines do not stop COVID spreading, they just stop the severity of it if you happen to get infected. It seems that the situation from day 1 is mostly unchanged... we have to decide eventually to live with this disease and open everything again, or live permanently in this new reality we have been in for 16 months.