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    On 11th September, apparently, Macri's place was invaded by order of a judge who accused him of breaking quarantine following his trip to Europe in that he received some mayors and other officials of his Pro party. But then, so has the president done the same in Olivos and we are after all, still under quarantine rules.

    But really, this is just another step closer to the edge and stinks of revenge from that hateful Kirchner woman.

    Here is the president at the Olivos quinta the other day.…sidente-ejecuta-su-orden/

    I agree Semigoodlooking

    It's certainly not just the money, but one has to accept that the cost of living in the UK is much higher, mainly due to higher wages etc.

    But more than that, it's quality of life without having to worry about being mugged outside your front door, that price you paid for groceries will be the same next week and having the freedom to make your own choices in so many areas without the state restricting those choices. But much more than all of that is the notion of home.

    I've sold at least a dozen broken laptops and all in ones in the last few months, on commission of course and the same with PCs. It's better business to break them down and sell the parts.

    This how the taxes apply when buying anything for say, US$10 - software, Netflix etc

    US$10 xAR$79 = AR$790

    +21% = AR$955.9

    +30% and 35% (65%) = AR$1577.23

    This effectively doubles the price.

    Certain services such as Netflix will charge in AR$, so these taxes wouldn't apply.

    Many people would suggest that both masks and lockdown have been of little use in this pandemic and some figures speak for themselves.

    It's interesting to note that in 2018, 32,000 people died from flu or pneumonia in Argentina and as of today's date there are 590k cases reported, 448k recovered and 12,116 deaths.

    I can't find any reports of how many cases of flu were reported or tested in 2018.