Tragic tales from the world of the truly bizarre

  • I offer this thought as a start for Tragic tales of the truly bizarre:

    ‘Champagne war’ leaves Russian oligarchs facing shortage of French bubbly

    French producers cut off supply in protest over new law ordering Russian-made wine to be labelled as ‘champagne.’

    Russian oligarchs are facing a shortage of champagne, after French producers temporarily cut off supplies to the country over a new law that will force them to label their drinks as “sparkling wine”.

    Let me get this straight. Russia has the effrontery to seize the name “champagne” for their homemade version of the real thing? And their new law requires French producers of the original and authentic champagne to drop the name and adopt the more generic “sparkling wine,” when exporting to Russia?

    Those cheeky little monkeys!…05&utm_campaign=DM1449201

  • “Massive and mysterious, a 100-lb fish has washed up onto the Oregon coast.

    Officials at Seaside Aquarium were alerted early Wednesday to a rare scene on the sands of the northern Oregon coast: A large, round, glistening opah (moon fish) weighing 100 pounds had stranded ashore.
The fish was 3½-feet long — its huge body a mix of silvery and bright reddish-orange scales, dotted with white spots. Its large eyes feature hints of gold. Tiffany Boothe, assistant manager at the aquarium in the small beach community of Seaside, said it’s the first opah fish she has seen on area beaches.
Boothe said it was not clear how this fish died, but she noted that it was in “great condition, meaning it was close to shore when it died….

    “The changing climate may also play a role.
“We are seeing some marine organisms moving northward as ocean temperatures increase,” Dewar said, noting that without robust data, it’s hard to say what would cause an opah stranding.”

    Washington Post 19 July 2021