Complaining about prices is utterly futile!

  • The other day I bought a box of Cepita Multifruta juice in a small shop next to the tobacconist that I frequent and they charged me $130, which is excessive. The usual price is around $75-$85.

    I complained about this and the owner rambled on about suppliers prices, blah, blah, but really couldn't give a damn. This is not the kind of thing you blame on inflation or Albert or even my cat. It's just simple greed and 'I couldn't care less about you!'

    If you don't like it, shove off, pretty much sums things up here.

  • Speaking about Cepita: on board we had free refreshments and orange juice was available. The French was was in-cre-di-ble and I had maybe a whole bottle throughout the flight. Then they served the one with the black label which is high end in Argentina and low end in the US, and then Cepita. The difference was abysmal.