New export controls to combat inflation??

  • I don't understand how more controls over exports of meat and grain etc can possibly combat inflation. Could someone pleas enlighten me?

    These are the new measures:


    The detail of bank accounts with which it operates, bank movements of the last 6 months and financing lines granted by the informed entities.

    The work plan projected for next year, with details of merchandise to be exported, volumes, suppliers and destinations.

    The detail of the personnel in relation of dependency and the contracted work risk insurance company and proof of the banking entities where the workers' assets are deposited.

    The last certified accounting statement, for Legal Persons and an updated and certified Manifestation of assets for Human Persons or partners and / or shareholders in the case of recently established Legal Persons.

    The proof of foreign exchange earnings, for the last year, in the case of having carried out export operations.


    The portfolio led by Luis Basterra emphasized that in the face of this situation and "the urgent need to achieve a broader formalization, transparency and control of an activity as sensitive as export, it is deemed convenient to establish new requirements, which will be required for the purposes of its registration and permanence in the Single Registry of Operators of the Agroindustrial Chain (RUCA) and the consequent authorization, to legally exercise trade ”.

    As indicated in the recitals of the standard, the requirements that are now demanded “tend to minimize the existence of operators in marginal, informal and insolvent circuits, which are the ones that produce the greatest distortions in the proper functioning of the domestic and export markets. ”.

    Just seems like more bureaucracy and control to me.…-carnes-granos-y-lacteos/

  • They don't want exports to happen but cannot ban export. However, they can make it so convoluted and not convenient, that only a sadomasochist would pursue it.