'If ain't broke don't fix it' and is asceticism a forced practice in Argentina?

  • Coming from a country where we always try to make things work better (except bureaucracy and politics - we don't do great on abstract issues), I am appalled by the lack of desire to improve / make things better. I am talking about small daily stuff like having a pipe not leaking and upgrading something when it is time to replace it.

    We had a little adventure today: the faucet on the terrace had be leaking for a while (with great enjoyment of Serafina the cat) and we called the plumber to replace it. My husband had one task: buy the replacement faucet. Three years ago we bought a garden dual faucet: one for the garden hose and the other to wash hands. However, the new one we bought was leaking all over, we replaced it and it was still leaking. So, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and I told my husband he should have bought a dual faucet at the ferreteria. He said the man of the ferreteria said he didn't have the dual faucet, so my husband bought the single one (Why? Because... :rolleyes:)

    I looked up on Mercadolibre and there are dual models like this one.

    However, my husband managed to buy one with two knobs :/ without even thinking it would be hard to turn with dirty hands.

    Anyway, the plumber who had to come at 6 PM arrived at 8 PM and installed it. When I went upstairs, I noticed that it was so close to the wall, that it was impossible to turn the knob. I asked to the plumber if he hadn't a spare to move it a little further from the wall, and he didn't. At 8 PM, I had nowhere where to buy the missing piece. One step forward, two backwards.