Anyone with any experience of sending a small package abroad...UK especially?

  • I've been a long time member of a pipe smoking forum mostly inhabited by UK and US based members. They're a super bunch of guys who always swap tobacco blends with each other. So far I've refused gifts of baccy and pipes due to the farce that exists here when receiving parcels from abroad. Not really a problem for me as I'm not in it to get. However I would love a few of the members to try the Argentine baccy I smoke, which is actually very good. :thumbup:

    Has anyone any recent experience of sending something to foreign climes from here? Any info on the best method and some idea of cost would be much ppreciated. :thumbup:

  • Thanks....funnily enough serafina when I've been asked in the past by a non regular pipe forum member if I could send them some Argentine criollo twist I made up a 'rule' of not being allowed to send tobacco by post. That soon shut them up! ^^

    Splinter...yeah I suspected the postage would be high so at that price I'll not bother. I'll just wait and take some the next time I'm over...whenever that'll be!

  • Mailing records to the UK via DHL is about 27 GBP at the blue rate (they actually calculate their rate in ARS from the base rate of 35 USD) and it takes 4 working days. If you use Correo Argentino, it costs half and it takes 7 to 10 days. However, based purely on my research on, it is tracked only in Argentina and then... who knows.

    A few years ago, my mom emailed me some documents via registered mail and I received them in a week. I don't remember about the tracking. I think it was also tracked in Argentina but the tracking was off of one day, so I already received it in the mail when I realized it had arrived in the country by looking at the online tracking.

    My last experience with the UK was with incoming mail: a client sent me their calendar: mailed on Jan 10 from the UK, arrived in Buenos Aires on Feb 4. It was sent using the cheapest Royal Mail shipping, no tracking, no paperwork and nothing to pay. I felt spoiled. Last year they wanted to send me a chocolate box, but I told them to send it to my mother in Italy, instead!

    I have never used registered mail (posta certificada) to send document abroad, so I can't offer any guidance.