Mosquito invasion in Pinamar and other coastal towns

  • Following very heavy rain on the Atlantic coastal towns, mosquitos are proliferating and apparently most are the culex variety with a life of about seven days but some are

    Aedes Aegyptae which can spread Dengue.

    I find the best way is to turn lights down at night, keep doors closed and make sure the mosquito nets on the windows are firmly in place.…omiendan-las-autoridades/

  • Aedes Aegyptae also spread yellow fever, another nasty disease. I remember what I think was their most recent big threat in coastal Argentina, maybe about 14 years ago? We were - and still are - surprised to have very few mosquitoes in the city, where we keep the windows wide open, with no screens.

  • Totally agree. I’ve learned that their preferred indoor position is clinging vertically to walls close to their next hit. They can be very patient.

    When you hear that sickening whine by your ear during the night and frantically wave one away, get out of bed and shine a flashlight on the walls of the darkened room. You’ll find your perp and all her friends. Easy to smash them and return to sleep.