I just renewed my UK driving license

  • Wow, so there is no physical to renew it?

    My Italian DL expired last year and I have up to three year to renew it, before I have to take the whole exam again.

    Of course, I counted on traveling to Italy this year, so now I am a little worried I won't be able to meet the three year deadline.

    We cannot renew it from abroad, but we can get an extension valid for 10 years and then renew it when we travel home. We have to take a physical locally (here in Argentina), though. The service has been suspended unless you can prove it is an emergency.

    Is your new DL without the EU flag already? Did it revert back to its old format?

    Fight the milanesa:!:

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  • My first UK license was issued in 1977 with an unbelievable 50 year validity, so it runs out in 2027 which is when the new one is valid until.

    Mine was simply a change of UK address (cough) and no physical was necessary. Odd that it still has the EU flag on it though.

    I filled out all the forms from here and posted it to a family member who then posted it on to the necessary address.