Christmas 2020 - what will you be doing?

  • On this side of the world, Christmas is a summer affair involving lunches and dinner in the garden and perhaps by the pool. But what is going to happen this year?

    I really enjoy spending Christmas and NYE with my husband's family, but I was sure we would pass this year alone in our apartment. Today we were discussing this again, which is something I thought we had settled on NOT attending family gatherings.

    Perhaps we should get tested before making up our mind, and if so, what kind of test could tell us if we are risk or, worse, if we are harmful to others?

  • It looks like the same old thing again this year at her sister's house, but with condition - they don't invite anyone else. In fact we had a very nice mother's day bbq there recently and the mil had to sit at least four meters away at a table on her own because she is the most vulnerable.:mask:

    On the face of it, that was quite amusing if you're into mother in law jokes.


  • Good one, Splinter !

    Every year without fail, we join my siblings and children for Christmas; regardless of where everyone is in the world, we fly home. But this year, it is just too risky. If there were a reliable instant-result test, we would be able to get together. But as it is, testing negative 48 hours before a gathering doesn’t really tell us anything. And of course much of the day is always eating and drinking (masks obviously removed), and at least partly indoors, where the current limit advised is 15 minutes’ exposure per 24-hr period.

    So how is that possible?

  • Same as every year...with as little celebrating as possible. Weather pemitting we shall got to the countryside place where I shall make the late lunch/early dinner BBQ and drink beer while the wife keeps the MIL entertained. After we've eaten we shall get MIL back home before darkness falls and be glad it's all over for another year. As you can probably tell the missus and I are not party people. :)

  • Indeed, Rice!

    We are usually a large party of about 20 people, and for as much distancing we can do, I don't feel we are safe. Too many variables, too long a period.

    The objection is that it would be like going out to have dinner on the sidewalk / terrazas like it has been allowed in the city in the last 1-2 months.

    Maybe we should do like the Germans to ensure proper distancing is observed at all times. I'll shall craft party hats for everybody.


  • This is a good year NOT to be party people!

    Truth be told every Christmas is the same for us virus or advantage of having a very small family. Hogmanay is when we're more likely to get invited to gatherings. There'll be none of that this year thank goodness so no need to make excuses. :yay:

  • Our 50 strong Christmas do is unlikely to take place.

    We have 8 over 70s in the group and clearly in the "at risk" category.

    Not really too sure what we will do.

    New year ? Norammly "only" 40 at that party . But thats looks unlikely as well.

    Maybe Alberto has some idea....

  • Maybe Alberto has some idea....

    I think in December he will give up on any restrictions. They will be called "guidelines" or "recommendations". They haven't been enforced lately and it is out in the open that you can disregard completely any rule on mask.

    On Friday night we went out to buy ice cream and Palermo was very lively, with crowds of unmasked and un-distanced people in front of every place.

    I would say that about half the people were unmasked. But it has become quite common to come across unmasked people even during daylight and out in the open. I always wonder if those are people who had it and feel like they are immune, so I stray away from them.

  • My wife has invited her best friend who was widowed last year and her 90 mother to attend the Xmas Eve bash at the MIL's house. So only five of us in total. We'll take the cold picada style grub so no cooking. Meet around 8pm and should be over shortly after midnight as we'll need to take the oldie home.

    As for Christmas Day....nothing expected to be happening.

  • What cold foods will you be taking, UK Man ? Expanded picada board, or other foods beyond cold cuts etc? I always have trouble deciding on foods for late evening gatherings.

    For starters my wife scoops out the pith of large tomatoes and stuffs them with a rice and tuna/mayo mixture. Then it'll be meat matambre as well as an excellent chicken matambre a friend who has a food shop makes...I prefer the chicken one as it has prunes in it which work very well. She's making some empanadas as well. I suppose there will be the usual salad bowl along with potato and egg salad. Excellent ice cream for dessert.