Returning a Corsair gaming mouse to the US under warranty - a possible saga.

  • I June I received a Corsair M65 Elite RGB gaming mouse for my birthday. It's an expensive piece of kit but also high quality and great for gaming.

    However, over the last few weeks, left click isn't responding as it should do so I put in a warranty claim with Corsair, having discovered that many other gamers are facing a similar issue.

    Fortunately it's covered by a two year international warranty and my RMA has been approved with instructions on how to pack it and where to send it in the USA.

    Knowing that it would cost a fortune to send it, I've asked for a prepaid shipping label and I'm just now awaiting a reply.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out, so I'll update this post as and when it develops.

    FYI - the price I paid in June was AR$6500 and today it's AR$13,000, which is scary in itself.

  • For international mailing to the US, DHL offers great rates which are on par with Correo Argentino, just much faster and better service!

    You can get a quote online. They have their rates set in USD, to be paid in ARS using the highest official exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Given the blue/official gap, it is darn cheap.

    I mailed documents on Friday for 2800 ARS (35 USD at the official rate), which was actually 12 USD using the blue rate. Delivery in three days, too!